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Photoluminescent Safety Signs

Photoluminescent Safety Signs

JALITE Photoluminescent Safety Signs are safety signs which are produced using phosphorescent material that absorb light energy under normal lighting conditions and will then release this stored energy in the form of light over time. If the lighting is lost or obscured during a power failure or an emergency, JALITE Photoluminescent Safety Signs will remain conspicuous and visible to evacuees and emergency services providing essential safety information and instruction. The brightness of the signs on power loss and length of time over which the safety signs remain visible depends on the amount of light illuminating the sign prior to the emergency and the performance classification of the material chosen. JALITE has led the way in performance standards for photoluminescent safety signs and related safety way guidance products for well over 30 years. The photoluminescent safety signs using JALITE AAA and JALITE SB quality are of course the best in their Class! These products show exceptional brightness and longevity while being quick charging even at low light levels. For more information or a catalogue please browse the website or use the "Search function on JALITE" with words or questions for related material. A direct enquiry e-mail to will receive our immediate attention.

JALITE Product Catalogues

JALITE Product catalogues are available online from local web sites or by searching the data base. Please see the following web sites See also publications from our sponsored magazine on fire safety at

JALITE Photoluminescent Products

JALITE photoluminescent products and materials have been designed, manufactured and supplied as the core products of its extensive range of safety signs and related risk reduction products since the early 1970s. JALITE Group manufacture photoluminescent fire, health and safety, means of escape safety signs and safety wayguidance system components as well as other photoluminescent products for safety applications worldwide. Safety signs are produced to the International Language of Safety Signs and in many languages of the world. Other photoluminescent products include paints, marker tapes, photoline matting and high visibility clothing. Specialist signs are manufactured for marine and offshore applications. JALITE Products are assigned to the following product families:

JALITE Product Options

JALITE Product Options: Design Code Safety message or meaning Material Aluminium, Flexible or rigid  PVC,  Reverse Print PVC, Polycarbonate etc. Sign format Flat, Flag/Flange, Panoramic, Square, Landscape and Portrait Size Standard sizes given as a size code or depending on observation distance (Z factor) Luminance performance ISO 17398 Class C Standard JALITEAAA and JALITESB JLUME D Class or Higher performance on demand Fabrication and finishing options are available: Protective surface coating with UV protection Rounded or shaped corners Self adhesive applied Drill holes Mountings and supports Corporate identity Just contact us and we can add an option especially for you !

Self-Luminous Exit Signs: The Difference between Tritium and Photoluminescent Technologies

Self-luminous signs provide an alternative to the traditional electrical exit sign, but what are the options with self-luminous signs? One option is to use a Tritium exit sign, which is illuminated by a radioactive isotope of helium gas known as Tritium. The Tritium emits light for anywhere between 10 to 20 years as it decays. In order to have Tritium signs, it is required that the consumer have a “general license” that allows the radioactive material to be traced to them in the event that it is mishandled. They must also report all their signs to the NRC to ensure they are being properly disposed of; a process which can cost companies $100 or more per sign. In 2009, Wal Mart reported 15,000 of their 70,000 Tritium signs as missing, raising concerns that the signs may have been improperly disposed of and risked contaminating the environment and drinking water of surrounding neighborhoods. Wal Mart has since stopped all purchase of Tritium signs and has moved on to using photoluminescent exit sign where applicable. While Tritium exit signs are a viable non-electrical alternative to mark your exits, the risk associated with their radioactivity in your facility, their regulatory compliance requirements, and the cost of disposal makes them a difficult option to choose.  For more information about another non-electrical option to identify your exits contact us, or visit our website exclusively devoted to photoluminescent UL Listed Exit signs.

Luminous Egress Path Marking

Luminous Egress Path Marking will significantly improve the means of egress provisions in tall buildings and be of great assistance to evacuees in case of emergency or power loss. The non -electrical safety wayguidance system basis from ISO 16069 is still the technical base and root for the luminous egress path system and JALITE has been at the forfront of all these developments. JALITE products are installed in the vast majority of the tall buildings in New York City and performance over the last 6 years since installation has been second to none. Jalite is the obvious choice for building owners and facilty managers requiring to meet IBC/ICC Code 2009 Section 1024.

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JALITE products are found from professionals in the fields of property management and maintenance, fire protection and fire prevention service companies, safety product supply companies and other specialist sign companies.

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Jalite is active in over 109 countries

In the 35 year history of JALITE, products have been developed and supplied to over 100 countries in the world and often with safety messages in the local language or with dual language, with the International Safety language English. It has been a JALITE tradition to fully comply with National and International Standards for the design of our products. Now, with JALITE presence on three continents and Authorised Distribtors world wide we can be considered local throughout the world. Interested to Distribute JALITE products in your area of safety or your district and country? Just send us a mail and contact us now with an introduction.

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